Dylan Roof’s Federal Case Hits a Snag


The Federal case against accused Charleston shooter, Dylann Roof, may have hit a road block this week. A Federal Judge has ruled that the indictment of Roof lacks a key element. According the The Post and Courier, “U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel ordered prosecutors to file a “bill of particulars,” a detailed explanation of 12

SC ranks 5th in States for most dangerous drunk driving


South Carolina continues to rank poorly in driver safety. While Northern and Midwestern states typically are the most dangerous for drunken driving, the Palmetto state is now ranking in the top 10. According to greenvilleonline.com, “South Carolina’s worst ranking was the fatality rank category where it landed at No. 3 worst. Statistics show 50 percent of fatal

Guns in Cars at the Citadel


Given the fact that 30% of Citadel cadets go into the military, you may be surprised to hear that the Charleston based military school used to be the only campus around that didn’t allow guns to be kept in the cars of permit carrying students. That’s all about to change as new gun regulations take

Trial Date Set for Joey Meek, friend of Dylan Roof


Joey Meek, friend of accused Emanuel AME Church shooter, Dylann Roof, will be having his day in court sooner rather than later. Meek’s trial has been set for 9:00 a.m. on June 27, 2016. Meek has been accused of knowing about Roof’s plans, and doing nothing to prevent the attack. According to the Post and

Does SC’s Domestic Violence Law Discriminate?


As we’ve written before, the state of South Carolina is currently at the top of the list of deadliest states for women at the hands of men. Now that this sad fact is being more widely reported, lawmakers have recently attempted to create new laws to protect our residents from domestic abuse. Just last year

Gov. Nikki Haley Tackles CDV Prosecutions


Gov. Nikki Haley’s recent discovery that police officers are in charge of prosecuting domestic violence cases is leading to some big changes in our state. She is now proposing that we spend $19 million to hire 144 prosecutors to take over this large responsibility. According to The Post and Courier, “South Carolina is one of

Racism has reared is ugly head at the Citadel


Racism is again making headlines in the low country this week after at least eight Citadel cadets were suspended. Social media photos revealed the students wearing Ku Klux Klan type hoods. According to The Post and Courier, “The school’s president, retired Lt. Gen. John Rosa, called the images “offensive and disturbing.” It shows an upper-class

Federal Prosecutors request Dylan Roof’s friend be tried in Charleston


If Federal prosecutors get their way, Joey Meek will have his day in court in Charleston rather than Columbia. The friend of AME Emanuel shooter, Dylann Roof, is set to stand trial soon for withholding information from police. He has maintained a not guilty plea. While Meek’s attorneys have already filed a motion opposing this

SC Expungement Law Should be Updated


The expungement process in South Carolina is something lawmakers have been conflicted over for some time. In August 2014, an expungement study committee met in Columbia to discuss streamlining or expanding the current process. The committee, made up of senators and representatives, heard over 20 speakers. Most argued that the current expungement law prohibit people

Walter Scott’s Family Settles Civil Case with North Charleston


In April of this year, Charleston made national news when North Charleston Police Officer, Michael Slager, shot and killed Walter Scott, who was unarmed and running from Slager at the time of the shooting. A bystander famously caught the indecent on video using his cell phone camera. Today, Scott’s family was awarded $6.5 million by