Federal Prosecutors request Dylan Roof’s friend be tried in Charleston



If Federal prosecutors get their way, Joey Meek will have his day in court in Charleston rather than Columbia. The friend of AME Emanuel shooter, Dylann Roof, is set to stand trial soon for withholding information from police. He has maintained a not guilty plea.

While Meek’s attorneys have already filed a motion opposing this move, prosecutors maintain their request is based upon convenience for the victims.

According to live5news.com, the motion states, “Among the factors to be considered, the most significant weight should be placed on the rights and convenience of the victims…As this Court is aware, there are a multitude of victims in Charleston area, who have shown a desire to attend all Court hearings. Despite the challenges of travel, many of those victims have traveled to Columbia for hearings in the matter. Moreover, given their interest in this prosecution and the likely non-applicability of any sequestration order, it is likely that many of the victims would attend the trial in its entirety.”

Meek has expressed concern that he may not get a fair trial in Charleston, and also worries that his Columbia based family will not be able to attend.

Witnesses for this case reside both in Charleston and Columbia, however Columbia based witnesses will only need to attend small portions of the trial, according to the prosecutors.

Concern for the families and witnesses may very well be enough to convince the court to move this trial to Charleston.